1.Recruiting Non-Exclusive
Contingency Search

Costs for the search process are payable only after the newly hired candidate commences employment. Regardless of the expenses incurred by Business Systems of America, Inc., if no hiring takes place, your company is not liable for any costs involved. Once a hiring decision is made and employment commences, the agreed upon fee is due and payable. The lack of exclusivity allows you the option of working with as many search firms as you feel are desirable. Most of our customers agree that 3-5 is the optimum number. These services include all the benefits discussed in Search Process-Benefits below.

2.Recruiting Exclusive
Contingency Search

An agreement is reached to use the services of Business Systems of America, Inc., as your sole provider in order to accomplish the required search. All the benefits of non-exclusive contingency search are included plus:

  • Your company’s commitment to locating the best people becomes highlighted.
  • A greater in-depth relationship develops between you and Business Systems of America, Inc..
  • Business Systems of America, Inc. fully commits its resources to completing the task.
  • The hiring profile becomes more detailed.
  • Pre-screening process is allowed to become even more selective.
3.Recruiting Retainer Search

An agreement is reached providing Business Systems of America, Inc. with a retainer, plus expenses incurred and an assurance of exclusivity. All the benefits of exclusive contingency search are offered plus:

  • On-site interviewing and evaluation wherever required. This can substantially reduce a hiring manager’s time and effort in those locations where local officials do not reside.

4.Search Process Benefits
  • Develop Hiring Criteria - Formulate a candidate profile based on input provided and years of profiling experience.
  • Conduct Recruiting - Targeted, specific and effective.
  • Develop a List of Qualified Candidates - Key of the productivity of hiring process.
  • Refer for Interview by Hiring Manager - Set up the appointments, coordinate the scheduling and provide the necessary communications.
  • Offer Coordination - Provide critical coordination for this important segment in the hiring process.
  • Pre/Post Follow-up of Hires - Maintain assurances of the new-hire's job satisfaction.

5.Search Process - Procedures

Once the list of qualified candidates has been developed by Business Systems of America, Inc., the most productive procedure is to adhere to the following:

  • The high-level candidates interview directly with the manager he or she will be reporting to. This typically generates the most substantial level of interest on both sides.
  • Follow-up the interview(s) with the necessary paperwork/testing. At this point, the now interested candidate is eager to complete the necessary administrative procedures.
  • Maintain communications with the appropriate Business Systems of America, Inc. representative to ensure the highest possible interview/hire success ratio is achieved.